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Bloom, again Mister - My Valentine

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Yeah, bloom again
My heart blooming again, this day. When I see you from my window's class, this day.
I don't know, why you must appear again in my eyes after you disappear for long time?

And yeah, it's blooming again.
Every step in my life now being START again to dreaming 'bout you, again, again, and again.
I'll try to forget you everyday, because I know that we hasn't a change to sharing again, laugh together again, and meet again.
But, why you must appear again?
Until i believe that i can't erase my feeling easily

Remember, I ever said, that :
Sekarang aku tersadar
Cinta yang ku tunggu tak kunjung datang
Apalah arti aku menunggu
Bila kamu tak cinta lagi

( Apalah Arti Menunggu - Raisa)
It's be Good Bye-Text for you mister, my valentine.

I want to move on~
Because, my life too beautifull to thingking 'bout you everyday.
I'm tired to hoping 'bout you again,
But I trust, that if you are mean for me. Not only my heart, but also your heart blooming too.
Yeah, blooming again mister. My Valentine.

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outbound malang mengatakan...

semangaaaat yah gan :)
hilang satu tumbuh seribuuuu :)

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