Rabu, 12 Mei 2010

I Don't Have Anyone

Diposting oleh Ranie's di 5/12/2010
I do not know what will happen at my future.
Today, I really - really confused about what I should do and what should I do in these conditions.

Frankly, I need someone who can guide me. Like a good friend who understands me inside and out.
But this time, I lost control because I do not have the figure in my life as my motivation.

First, I have a lot of people figure that can motivate my life to be a good person and full of spirit in life. But now, people around me nothing could be my motivation. They are busy with their own life, so I do not know what I mean here (in Jakarta)

Because in Jakarta, I do not have anyone.

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atika's blog mengatakan...

When you have problem,
When you feel alone,
When your confidence getting lower,
when you started don't believe your self,
When you wanna share about anything,
When you want refresh your mind,
When you need a friend to reach your dream.....

Open Your Eyes, Your Friend is Everywhere. Maybe you don't know what her/his respect to you. And maybe you don't conscious that there are friends who wanna be your best friend. because he/she know that you're a good person.

-Atika Aziz Cantik hehe

telpon2lah aku, jangan berdiam diri melulu, nda' terbuka, tiba2 jadi galau.. weleh2

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